Our Mission

PDC & Associates is a consulting company that links small businesses and manufacturers to the government market. Our team is dedicated to bringing innovative products, cutting edge solutions, and services to those that are serving our country.

Our Purpose

PDC & Associates was created to help small businesses and manufacturers bring their products to the government market in an effort to help support the people serving our country.

The dedication and experience of our team provide our customers with a depth of market knowledge.  Our purpose is to:

  1. Provide Consulting services to small businesses that need assistance navigating the government procurement system.
  2. Provide Consulting services to Manufacturers that need assistance introducing new or existing product lines to the government sector.
  3. Help our customers with the federal research and development phase.  In an effort to enhance the capabilities of those serving our country in combat or first responder roles.
  4. Help our customers navigate the multiple procurement chains to provide innovative and potentially life saving products to the people serving our country.
  5. Support multiple philanthropic efforts that are designed to give back to those that serve or have served our great country.

We believe our work is driven by a higher purpose than just being in business.  We stand on the principles of teamwork, innovative thinking, and building true long-term partnerships with our customers.